Social Media Accessibility Guide

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1. IMAGE DESCRIPTIONS Whenever you post a photo to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram you can add image descriptions so those who are blind or have low vision can be a part of the full conversation. There are 2 ways to do this for each social media platform. Facebook: 1. At the end of the actual post that you are drafting you should make a space and then write out a full image description. This is beneficial to people with low vision that do not use screen readers. Your description would look something like this: Image Description: This is where you …

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Creating Accessible Events

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Let’s talk about how you can be a better ally to the disability community when you’re planning public events. ⁣ The first place to start when planning an event should be finding an accessible venue. You should check out the venue in person to see if it’s accessible to your event attendees. Here are some things to keep in mind when checking for accessibility:⁣ – Are there stairs? If so, is there another wheelchair accessible entrance with a ramp or lift?⁣ – Are there automatic doors? If not, can you prop doors open or have someone standing by the door …

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Creating Accessible Accommodations

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A message to everyone in the hospitality and tourism industry in NL: One of the hardest parts of planning any vacation when you’re a wheelchair user is actually being able to trust that the place you’re booking your accommodations with is as accessible as it claims to be. A lot of places list themselves as “wheelchair accessible” but upon further investigation there are obvious barriers that would make staying there difficult or impossible. I worry that I’m being misled when I see a place claim to be wheelchair accessible but see no specific details of what makes it accessible, or …

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